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Are you in need of web design in Vancouver? Is your website slow, unresponsive, and unappealing to your customers? Is your website failing to convert customers and generate revenue for your company? Do you need a website designer in Vancouver? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you need not look any further. 


We are a website design company that specializes in providing web design for commercial and industrial businesses in Vancouver. Since we know that your website is the centerpiece of your digital presence, we remain committed to your needs by providing a website that functions properly, remains aesthetic, and gives your customers a satisfying experience. 

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Why Invest in Web Design?

Website is your Online Billboard

Your business exists in a city where having a website may be more important than a physical store. As a result, you need a good website design service to improve online marketing in Vancouver. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a web design service in Vancouver.

  • Improved Search Ranking

Whether your customers are using their mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computer, your website needs to appear and rank well on the first page of the search engine. Without this, your brand may not connect and reach your potential customers. Hence, the need for search engine optimization arises.

With a professional website designer in Vancouver, your website has a high chance of benefiting from the implementation of various SEO practices thereby increasing the brand’s awareness, targeting and acquiring more customers, and generating revenue.  

What you will get


User Experience

About 90% of online shoppers shop with a competitor after having a poor experience on a brand's website. Hence, you need a professional web design company to tackle the pain point of your customers and change the brand's narrative. To do this, a professional web designer improves the usability and readability of the website, conducts UX testing, and provides an amazing experience for consumers


Convert Potential Customers

A website has not performed its essential role if it has not converted potential customers. By conversion, we mean subscribing to an email newsletter or enabling customers to purchase a product or apply for a service. If your customers cannot interact with your website effectively, you give them a reason to go to your competitors. To avoid this situation, you need a web design company that can improve the usability of your customers, enhance online interaction, and ultimately convert customers.


Reduce Cost

Multiple versions of a website increase costs in terms of web development and maintenance. However, a professional web design company develops and maintains a good version of a website that helps you stay focused and provides numerous benefits.

Our Web Design Services

Our team of experts tailors our web design services to meet the needs and demands of your customers. Some of our services include:

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Search Engine Optimization

We know the difficulties encountered when you are not ranking well on Google's first page. You lose customers gradually if you cannot maintain your visibility stance on the search engine result page. As a result, our highly-trained professionals are there at your service to implement the best SEO practices that enable your website to rank effectively on Google's first page. In other words, a higher ranking leads to higher visibility that allows consumers to interact with your websites and maximize potential results.

Website Pages

Depending on your requests, we deliver some web pages to keep the operations of your website smooth and convenient. Whether you are into e-commerce or the real estate business, we provide the required number of web pages that enhance your brand to reach and convert your potential customers. To make things easier, you can get a quote for the number of web pages through our online web design calculator. For instance, the amount for 1-10 web pages differs from 10-50 web pages.

Responsive Design

More than 50 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and a significant portion of this goes into e-commerce activities. As a result, we give you a mobile-friendly web design that makes your website fit into the screen of any device - smartphones and tablets. This process allows your customer to reach their goals and have a hassle-free experience. Besides, having a responsive design enables your website to have a higher ranking on the search engine result page and maintain the visibility of your website. If you don't have this feature on your website, Google tends to influence your ranking status negatively and keep you from optimizing the full potential of your website. Hence, we prevent that event from taking place.

Custom Design

The aesthetic of a website captivates customers and encourages them to stay on track. Hence, we offer custom web design with unlimited style to make your websites attractive and appealing to customers. Based on your preferences, we work to suit your taste and give recommendations where necessary. Besides, our custom web design consists of various plans that allow us to provide your preferences. For instance, if your brand requires a simple but world-class design, our team is ready to deliver quality services to you.

Website Content Writing

Every website requires web copies to make it relevant and credible. As a result, we have a team of excellent copywriters that creates engaging website copies for your company to use. Whether your industry requires technical or non-technical writing, our team of copywriters is right there at your service to deliver writing tasks that make your website authoritative and credible. Besides, we conduct research, strategize, and optimize these copies to enable your website to rank for the befitting keywords by implementing the necessary SEO practices. With this process, your website maintains its visibility and ranking on the search engine result page.

E-Commerce Functionality

Whether your brand is based on products or services, you need a responsive website that allows consumers to perform their tasks and achieve their goals. With this, our team of experts delivers a website that supports different payment options and gives consumers a gratifying experience. For instance, if your brand specializes in the e-commerce industry, we deliver an e-commerce web design that allows consumers to select various products, navigate the sites effectively, proceed to the checkout page, and complete the transaction effectively. Meanwhile, if your brand specializes in the real estate industry, we provide a real estate web design that allows your potential clients to schedule an appointment with you.

Why Choose Us

How Much Does Web Design Service in Vancouver Cost?

To be honest, the cost of a website depends on your preferences and the amount you are willing to pay to the designers. For instance, the cost of a sophisticated design differs from that of a simple design. 

Besides, some factors also influence the cost of a design. These factors include:

Hosting Site

The hosting company of a website determines the cost of the website. Different hosting companies offer various plans for web services. Some of these companies include GoDaddy, InMotion, and more.

Functionalities and Extension

The number of custom functionalities and plugins your website requires determines how expensive it will be.

Design Complexity

The cost of your website also depends on the complexity of your website. For instance, a website with simple designs may not cost cash when compared to a website with complex designs.


Our company remains one of the best companies that provide web design and other related services in the city of Vancouver. We have the right expertise that allows you to maximize the result from your website and achieve your goal.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our web design services and strive to give you the best while considering your budget.

Highly-Trained Professionals

Our company consists of professionals of varying fields that make your website the right one. We have a team of web designers, SEO experts, copywriters, and others that listen to your demand, grant your needs, and make appropriate recommendations where necessary.

Website Speed

Once we are in charge of your projects, we work with speed to grant your requests and achieve excellence in all ramifications.

Customer Service

We attend to your needs and give you the right feedback within a short time frame.

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With SEO Vancouver, be rest assured as your web design services are handled by the best hands in the industry. We have excellent customer service that listens to your needs and implements them at once. As long as your service is part of web design, we are right there at your service. Therefore, contact us today.