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SEO Vancouver is one of the top-leading PPC Vancouver agencies.

We offer various exclusive services to achieve your goals and get the best result.

To us, your success is our goal as we collaborate to fine-tune the most effective PC campaign for your brand. Whether you want to gain more traffic or boost conversion, our tech-powered company is available at your service to ensure your optimal satisfaction.

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Why Does Your Business Need PPC?

If you think you don't need PPC for your business in Vancouver, then you are not getting it right.

Due to the competitiveness of businesses in Vancouver, PPC can give
you a better and more performing experience by placing your brand in front of your potential customers and contributing some positive impact to your business. To further convince you, here are some reasons why your business can implement pay-per-click services in Vancouver.

What you will get



PPC services are quite cheaper when compared to traditional forms of advertising such as televisions, billboards, radios, and more. Unlike traditional forms of adverts that charge you for advertising whether you make sales or not, search engines like Google only charge you when prospects click on your ads.  In other words, you don't pay for the space you occupy on a webpage. Instead, you only pay Google when a prospect clicks on the ads. This indicates that you have serious buyers who are ready to execute purchasing actions. Nothing is more cost-effective than that.


Quick Results

Ads show up when your targeted keywords pop up on the search query. As long as you have a great quality score and make a bid on the keyword, you are more likely to get more traffic to your websites within a few weeks of the PPC campaign.  Nonetheless, this marketing strategy gives faster results when compared to other marketing strategies such as search engine optimization and email marketing that take a longer period before they yield results. This is not to discredit SEO or email marketing but to assert that PPC achieves your business goals within a relative period.


Tracking Results

Tracking results is essential for every digital campaign. Without analytical tools, it may be difficult to discover the digital campaign that works and the one that fails. Besides, tracked results can allow you to identify effective campaigns that are working for your brand. For instance, the use of A/B split tests is a great way to indicate how users engage with ads. All you need to do is to decide on a variable and create two similar ads to determine the one that will achieve a better result.  For instance, if you are selling shoes, you can create an ad that shows a person wearing it or create one that is typically shown on a shoe rack or display panel. With A/B testing, you can easily determine the one that works effectively and tailor the elements of your ads to create something better.

Our PPC Services

We offer varieties of PPC services for your business in Vancouver, BC.

From paid search advertising to PPC management, search engine marketing to Google Ads management, our team of PPC experts are right there for your service. Check out more of these exclusive services offered by our digital marketing agency.

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Social Media Advertising

About 54% of social media users utilize social media to conduct product research and make purchasing decisions. Therefore, there is a need for you to invest in social media advertising and get your brand in front of your target audience.  With SEO Vancouver, you can increase brand awareness and get the desired result. Our pay-per-click advertising experts conduct specific research to determine and locate your target audience, analyze their social media behaviors, craft valuable adverts through the use of texts, videos, and images to reach more customers, improve engagement, and ultimately increase conversion.

Google & Bing Ads Management

Are you struggling to reach and get more potential customers through search engines like Google and Bing? If yes, then look no further. Our PPC experts are right there for your brand. We optimize your pay-per-click (PPC) adverts, improve your search engine marketing to reach more customers, and utilize website link extensions to increase engagement rates on each platform.  We also utilize Google ads and Bing ads efficiently to reach your valued customers. Besides, our PPC experts conduct thorough PPC audits to discover your target audience and advertise your products or services directly to them.

Paid Search Advertising

Do you know what to get your brand on the first page of the search result? If yes, our services are available to you. Our PPC agency conducts and analyzes some specific high-value keyword research, sets up your PPC bidding, and tracks your return on investment. Our PPC professionals utilize some analytical tools to improve click- through-rate (CTR), quality score, impression share, and others for your agency.

Ads A/B Split Testing

Aside from devising various approaches to improve the performance of your adverts, we also conduct split testing to determine their effectiveness. We test your ads by comparing campaigns to determine which is more effective.  To achieve this, we create separate variations of different elements such as the layout of your campaign, the headline, texts, graphics, images, CTA, and more to determine the best ads that will drive the best result. These split tests enable our agency to select the best search campaign that will improve PPC's overall performance to your brand.

Remarketing Campaigns

Our search engine marketing professionals target your specific audience through some cost-effective methods to get desired results.  We identify your best-performing campaign, devise new remarketing ads, and discover potential customers who have expressed their intentions to purchase your products. We utilize the optimal frequency cap to reduce the number of times a remarketing ad will appear to a prospect and achieve the best result.

Shopping Campaigns

Sometimes you need to make a move through your sales pitch instead of waiting around and expecting customers to land on your product page. As a result, our PPC experts craft effective shopping ads that can reach and appeal to your customers.  We utilize effective AdWords, high-quality product images, ad extensions, star ratings, and other strategies to encourage and target your specific customers. For instance, if a prospect searches for a product that you also sell, we place your product listings at the forefront of your customers' search results.

Why Choose Us

PPC requires time and strategic efforts to produce the desired result.

You need to discover some loopholes, make some essential adjustments or corrections before you set things on track. As a business owner, you may not have the time to perform these tasks after a busy day.  This is where a digital marketing agency comes into the picture. At SEO Vancouver, you can never go wrong with your choice. Hiring our agency to perform the tasks for you allows you to have more time with business, utilize proven strategies, and get a better result. Check out more reasons why you should partner with our agency.

Thorough PPC Audit

Our PPC Vancouver ensures that we tailor your PPC campaign to achieve your business goals. We perform an in-depth PPC audit to figure out the issue with your PPC campaigns, devise new strategies, and create more effective strategies that show positive results. We review some elements such as quality score, key performance indicator (KPI), remarketing strategies, and lots more.

Excellent Customer Service

Our clients are our main priority. As a result, we offer exceptional customer service to meet the needs of our clients. We listen to your demands and devise strategies that align with such demands. Besides, we don't keep you stranded along the way.  We also maintain constant communication with you by giving you a detailed report showing tracks of our online activities and progress. We give you a detailed and custom analytic result that reveals the impact of our keyword research, PPC management, and its overall performance.

Proven Results

At SEO Vancouver, we utilize tried-and-tried strategies to ensure your optimal satisfaction and drive the best result. We do not promise what we can't give you. Instead, we implement some proven real results that achieve your business's goals. Since we are conversant with digital marketing strategies, we know and execute the right approach in the case of any issue such as changes in search algorithms.

Highly-Experienced Professionals

We have dedicated and highly-experienced PPC professionals to attend to your urgent needs. Crafted from varying fields, we understand your issues and apply the right PPC solutions to your non-working PPC campaigns. Besides, we devise and utilize some analytical tools to track our progress and determine the best PPC campaign for your brand.

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SEO Vancouver remains one of the best PPC service agencies in the city of Vancouver. With tested and proven strategies as well as highly-experienced professionals, we devote the time to handle your projects for you. Whether you want to give us a call or send us an email, our agency is always open and ready to deliver your needs and achieve your business goals. Therefore, contact us today.