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SEO Vancouver is a team of SEO experts implementing and strategizing SEO strategies for clients since 2010. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to achieve the best return on investment with internet marketing. 

Our SEO agency in Vancouver offers you cost-effective marketing campaigns that target active users who are actively seeking your products or services online, enabling you to convert these consumers into leads and sales. In addition to providing you with timely and detailed SEO reports, we stay up-to-date with the most effective and latest SEO tools available today. 

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How to Pick A Company Like SEO Vancouver?

How to Pick A Company Like SEO Vancouver?

You might have ventured into the vast land of Google to search for an SEO consultant or specialist in Vancouver. As one of the leading SEO companies in Vancouver, our team will instantly help you acquire long-term rankings on search engines. Make sure to contact SEO Vancouver.

We are right on target when it comes to SEO in Vancouver

We understand that simply getting to the top of the page is not your only target; staying there is equally important. We help your company get targeted leads and nurture them into paying customers with SEO Vancouver.

Proven Local Business Rankings for SEO Vancouver Businesses

Proven Local Business Rankings for SEO Vancouver Businesses

As one of the best agencies for SEO in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on effective local SEO practices. Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) method that assists your company in being more visible on Google for a given geographical region. Local SEO may assist any firm that has a physical location or services in a geographic region. Google discovered that consumers looking for particular sorts of companies require results from their nearby region after examining the behavior of users throughout billions of searches.

As a result, Google’s local search algorithm contains a proximity factor, which is a fancy way of saying that Google considers your location when you search for a local phrase (a query with local intent). Our SEO company in Vancouver are SEO experts who know how to optimize your website for the local keyword terms helping you to reach as many potential customers in your local area as possible. 

The purpose of Vancouver SEO is to build visibility and credibility with your future clients by creating continuous, long-term, and intent-driven traffic. We implement and strategize successful SEO campaigns for our clients by combining best SEO practices with transparent reporting and a proven delivery model. In addition, we strive to advance their search result rankings to get our clients on the first page of search results. With our team-based approach to digital marketing, we and our national reputation for Vancouver SEO expert consultants can assist you in going above and beyond your competition. With our help, many businesses in Vancouver and across Canada have taken control of their industries. It’s now your turn.

Looking for a top-rated Vancouver SEO Company? Vancouver SEO is the team you can trust. Our full-service (SEO, PPC, and Social Media) marketing can help you increase your online visibility and dominate your competition. Interested in a free quote? Contact Us Today!

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears higher on search results for specific keywords. Small and big businesses take the help of SEO to reach their customers and get more leads. The higher your page appears on search results, the more traffic it will get and the more leads for your business.

Search Engines like Google have a complicated algorithm to find out the viability of a page. When a professional optimize your page, they keep the algorithm in mind. They understand what kind of content, format, and user interface is preferred by Google bots, and they design your page in that way. They will also study your competitors to make you perform better than them. 

Important SEO Factors

Domain age

When your current domain was registered, and how old it is. It must be noted that a domain that has existed for more than 6 months is more likely to rank faster than a domain that is registered for a lesser period of time. The older the domain, the better. Ask SEO Vancouver for help and tips!

Website Penalty

There are many reasons Google could penalize your websites, but this usually takes place due to over-optimization and spam, not following Google guidelines. The content quality and the quality of backlinks pointing to your website could be one of the reasons why your website has been penalized. Our adept Vancouver SEO specialists strive to make your website trusted fully, making your website faster to rank. Still, if your site is previously penalized, we have to correct that before considering any other technique to rank your site. 

Mobile Friendliness

Let’s not forget that mobile friendliness plays an important role in your Vancouver SEO rankings. There has been a change in how Google ranks search results because more people access the web from mobile devices than desktop computers. Google’s mobile-first index now indexes mobile-optimized sites first, rather than sites designed for desktop computers. Your site may be under-ranked if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

Technical SEO

Getting the code right is one aspect of improving search engine rankings. If you’re more of a wordsmith than a techie, it can be intimidating.

Here are some of the important aspects you can control even if you’re not a coder:

Page titles, Page copy & titles edited and keywords, heading, interior link structure, follow links & no-follow links, XML Site Map submissions, Keyword Density, Alt Tags, load speed test, and more!


The two most important things you have to work on for
on-page and off-page SEO:

How do We work?

The two most important things you have to work on for on-page and off-page SEO​
Our passionate Vancouver SEO experts provide you with the most thriving results when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. To get in touch with our SEO experts, you can give us a call or submit your website for a FREE Audit. We will call you back and understand your requirements. A Zoom meeting call could be arranged, and if you are placed in Vancouver, our team is eager to come and meet you. We not only discuss plans regarding your business, but we also inform you about what needs to be done and how our SEO experts will be doing it, along with the FREE audit report. All our SEO plans are tailor-made with the best of strategies for the success of your business online. We have a world-class team of experts who are trained personally on every aspect of search engine optimization.
As SEO experts, we aim to:
Firstly, analyze your website and find the right keywords for your business. We will then set up your KPIs for the Vancouver SEO Campaign and prioritize the most important tasks that need to be delivered. We also eagerly investigate your competitors and the strategies they use. We also ensure that you are always ahead of everybody else when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. We check and track the SEO strategies being put into practice, with weekly reports of the development you have achieved. We are also accomplished and well-informed about generating high quality, engaging content. The navigation system of your website is also worked on by our SEO experts to guarantee that visitors navigate around your website easily.
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We also ensure mega tag optimization, link building, and optimizing the title tag for maximum exposure and clicks. Speak to one of our Vancouver SEO experts today to understand how our SEO experts operate and the plentitude of knowledge that our experts have been subjected to. We can easily walk the talk with a ranking for one of the toughest consultancies with a forte for keywords in Vancouver. Check our case studies.

The Key Components Of SEO in Vancouver That We Manage Includes

There are a lot of components when it comes to Vancouver SEO. Here are some of the most important ones that you should keep in mind while you are shopping for an SEO company in Vancouver. If you have any question at all regarding this, you should contact our team of experts today!

Important Keywords, Geo-Targeting, Technical SEO and Website Analytics

Keyword Research- When you want to appear high on search engine results, you want it for some specific topics. For example, if your company rents houses, you will be looking for tenants and not buyers. 

Geo-Targeting- The geographical area you are targeting is also important. If your business is in Vancouver, you won’t waste your money advertising your services to someone in Edmonton. That is why we can optimize your website according to the local area as well. 

Technical SEO (on-page and Off-Page)- Technical aspects of coding is just as important as any other aspect of coding. Site speed, Schema Markup, and other coding specifics make or break your Vancouver SEO strategy.

Website Analytics- The best way to improve and learn from your mistakes is to analyze your performance. Website analytics can tell us what is working and what is not, so you can take advantage of what is working and correct what is not.

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Indexing, Crawling, User Interface & Mobile SEO

Indexing- When Google tries to understand what the page is about once it has been discovered through crawling, the process is called indexing. If the content is not simple and effective enough for the AI to understand, you will have a hard time reaching your customers.

Crawling- The Google bots crawl on websites to find out what kind of content you are putting out and who to send this content to. If your internal linking is off, your sitemap is not a site, and this process could become difficult for Google and subsequently affect your Vancouver SEO.

User Interface- User interface plays a huge role in optimizing your website for a search engine. A better interface means users will have a better experience and be willing to spend more time on your website. 

Mobile SEO- Since most people will search for your services on their mobile devices, it is important that you optimize your website for mobile devices.

On-page Optimization with Vancouver SEO

Work with us to get the best Vancouver SEO services on the market

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is simply the act of optimizing the web page to improve its ranking. Here are a few things we do for on-page optimization:

Create Relevant Content

If you are a home remodeling contractor, you won’t be writing about relationship advice. Relevant content means what you write about related to your businesses. For example- for kitchen remodeling, it won’t be far-fetched to write about interior painting. We can optimize the content to be high quality with well-researched content, good quality, well-written content. 


Headlines are important for both Google bots and for people in general. It is what grabs a user’s attention. Only a few people will read the whole blog word by word, but everyone looks at the headlines. When your headlines are optimized to convey what the content is about in a single line, you have a better chance at reaching your customers.


Tags are short pieces of HTML code that instruct search engines on how to correctly “read” your material. This data assists search engines like Google in determining what your content is about and how to categorize it. Some of them also enhance how visitors to those search engines perceive your material.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a brief snippet that shows beneath your website on the SERPs and contains information about your page. An intriguing meta description has the potential to increase the number of people who click on your organic search results. This implies that more visitors who view your page in the search results will click through and visit your website. Even if your rating remains unchanged, this equals extra traffic for you!

Image Optimization

Adding photos to your web pages is a wonderful approach to making them more attractive. However, not all photos are made equal; in fact, some might even slow down your website. Image optimization can help you make the most of a great SEO tool.

Off-page Optimization

As important as on-page optimization is, it is not everything when it comes to optimizing your website. Off-page optimization refers to all the actions that are taken outside of the actual website page but helps in improving the website SEO. Although off-page optimization is not directly controlled by the publisher of the website, we can certainly do things to improve the off-page optimization. 


Link building is vital in SEO since it drives organic traffic via search engines, especially in competitive sectors. Link building may be extremely efficient at driving more organic traffic when paired with solid technical SEO foundations, outstanding on-page SEO, fantastic content, and a nice user experience. Link building can help Google judge the quality, relevancy, and validity of your website.

Guest Posting 

Guest Posting might help you create a strong link profile. Guest blogging will improve your blog’s ranking in search engines. Find relevant bloggers in your niche who will add links to your own blog in the content you write on other websites, since the more relevant backlinks you have, the higher your blog will rank in search engines.

Infographic Guest Posting 

Producing infographics. If you produce an infographic that focuses on a popular topic and includes useful figures and data visualizations, individuals who are interested in that topic may be enticed to share your infographic with others. If you’re making a link-building infographic for your target audience, you should target a very targeted portion of your target audience that is most likely to share your material.

Leave reviews for the best SEO vancouver website there is in Canada

Creating online connections- When you establish an online relationship with a comparable firm and use it for a series of connecting to and from different blog articles, you boost your link building and, as a result, your Vancouver SEO.

Commenting on well-known blogs and blog articles. Blog commenting for SEO is characterized as a simple approach for beginning to establish connections back to your site while also developing strong relationships with individuals in your field. It is about discussing thoughts or opinions on how people feel or think about a certain issue. It may also assist blogs in attracting visitors and leads, as well as adding a social touch.’

Using business listings and internet directories. Businesses are often indexed in directories by specialized, region, or category, and reviews are frequently included. By including your company in a directory, you boost the exposure of your website, which raises the likelihood of purchases.

Why Choose Us To Become Your SEO Company in Vancouver?

Why Choose Us To Become Your SEO Company in Vancouver?

You can be assured that you are choosing a reliable and trustworthy company when you have us. We have helped thousands of businesses in growing their website visibility. Whether you have already had a bad start and want someone better to steer your digital marketing boat, or you want to start brand new, we are the people you can trust.

As a team of some of the most skilled Vancouver SEO professionals, we pride ourselves for being thorough and resourceful. We listen to our customers, keep communication clean, make changes when needed and be respectful of their wishes. When you choose us, you are investing in a company that works on your marketing campaigns as our own. Give us a call today, or write to us to know more. 

Some critical FAQs
asked about the best SEO
company in Vancouver

Search Engine Optimization

Hiring an expert or a team of experts for your Vancouver SEO is a great idea. They are there to make sure that your website gets as much visibility as possible on every search engine. Google is mentioned more often since it is the biggest one for traffic and user base but it is possible to optimize for every search engine.

The main goal of hiring someone is to have someone working every day to put you on top of those search engines. 

There are a lot of things that you should do before hiring a company for your Vancouver SEO services. 

  1. The first thing you should do is to look for a company that understands your industry or that has the capacity of learning quickly. If your SEO company in Vancouver has experience in your industry, they will already have an insight on what works and what does not.
  2. You should hire a company that has proven itself for other clients and that knows how to get a website ranked. To verify that, ask them to provide examples of websites they have ranked and clients they have worked with.
  3. Ask them to get on a call and to explain what is wrong with your website. You will be able to see the extent of their knowledge and how they work. You can also see if you could see yourself having a meeting with them once every few months.
  4. Find out what kind of service they can offer and their pricing. If they have what you need for the price that you want, that is usually a great start.
  5. Let them know exactly what you expect from your SEO company in Vancouver. Not in a technical sense because you might not know what you need, let them know how often you want reports, what are your main marketing goals, what would be an impressive traffic surge for you and everything you want out of this work relationship.

It is possible for you to learn SEO online or with different applications. Most Vancouver SEO experts are self-taught because SEO evolves so fast, an SEO diploma might be obsolete after a few years. The main reason you would hire someone to do your SEO in Vancouver is simply because it is hard to stay up to date and it is a time consuming process. 

Google Ads and SEO in Vancouver are two different things with both great results. Google ads is great if you need quick results and you want to rank on top of the first page right now.

SEO is more of a long term investment than the ads. You will get more keywords on the first page and they will be there organically which will increase your conversion rate. 

That being said, there is nothing wrong with a mix of SEO and Google Ads.

There is a great number of things you can do to increase your visibility on search engines, more precisely on Google. 

  1. Think about keywords you want to rank on each page and build those pages around those keywords. For example, if you are an optometrist that works in New Westminster, your homepage should be focused around the “Optometrist in New Westminster” keyword. 
  2. Keep your website structure simple and don’t create extra pages if they have no purpose. Google is trying to crawl and rank your pages so make sure that the order of importance of your pages is clear.
  3. If they have a purpose, don’t hesitate to create more pages. Imagine if you have expanded your business to Toronto, you will probably need a Toronto location page to promote your new location and try to rank there.
  4. Create profiles and get your website on multiple listing sites. The more listing sites are talking about you, the better. If time is an issue, you should focus your efforts on industry specific listing sites or hire a Vancouver SEO expert.
  5. The most important thing these days is to keep in mind that content is king. As long as you have good, high-quality content, your website will have a great chance of ranking.

SEO in Vancouver is important because it gives a fair chance to everyone to rank their website. You need credibility and high quality to rank high simply because people are trusting Google to put the best websites on top.

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